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Fast Cleaner
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Fast Cleaner

Every car driver who loves their car wants to keep it looking good, but sometimes its just not possible or convenient to wash your car. This is when Fast Cleaner comes into its own.

Our FAST CLEANER detailing spray has an exclusive formula, developed by MA-FRA research laboratories, containing environmentally friendly synthetic waxes and gentle cleansers that will safely clean and condition your car’s  bodywork leaving it polished, mark free and glossy.

FAST CLEANER, thanks to its winning, silicone-free formula, keeps your car free of dust and fingerprints, renews colour and prolongs the duration of the wax, protecting the car over time.Thanks to its refined “water drop” technology, FAST CLEANER also guarantees a long lasting, water repellent effect on the windows and body of the car, offering you a safer driving experience.

Use FAST CLEANER at any time and your car will always be shiny, clean and protected!


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Spray FAST CLEANER on the part of the car you want to clean, at a distance of about 20 cm. Then pass a micro-fibre cloth over the surface, using horizontal movements, until completely dry, avoiding any excess product.


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