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Polish Express
Polish Express
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POLISH EXPRESS® is the revolutionary polish by MA-FRA, based on the new science of Nanotechnology, You use POLISH EXPRESS® as you would a car shampoo and it is the new way of effortlessly polishing your car while you wash it that will leave you truly amazed!
Dilute 50 ml of POLISH EXPRESS® in a bucket with 5 litres of water and use a sponge to wipe it evenly over your car, then rinse: it’s that easy.

POLISH EXPRESS® works at an atomic level by cleaning and then sealing the microscopic imperfections in the paintwork, creating a super-smooth paint surface that actually protects your car’s paintwork from bad weather and discourages further dirt and traffic film dirt adherence.

Essentially, POLISH EXPRESS® guarantees a treatment comparable to the tinned waxes, but without the normal effort required, and in just ten minutes! Used regularly the POLISH EXPRESS® effect will build up molecular protection on the paintwork and other surfaces of the car and will give will your car the four fantastic Nanotech effects:

A Polish Effect, for unrivalled shine; A Rain Repellant Effect, that helps to clear rain from the windscreen, a Mirror Effect so your car looks as good as when you bought it, and the Silk Effect, for truly smooth bodywork, silken to the touch!



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