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Car and Jet wash operators, do you want to treble your sales and more than halve your costs? Ask us how?

We are also looking for demonstration sites, particularly in the South East. If you would like to try the fantastic Ma Fra product range free of charge,  please get in touch with us via email,  tonyd@activecws.com or by phone 07908 261372.

In addition to the excellent Ma-Fra chemicals we offer to car wash operators, retail stores and individual customers, we also provide consultancy and marketing services, machine funding advice, machine repair and installation advice, supply of service contracts, national top up services,  repairs, spare parts, and even the supply and installation of carwash and jet wash machinery itself .

We are therefore the "one stop shop" for all aspects of car care, car washing supplies and  carwash expertise.

Limiting the scope of our involvement in our customers' car wash business to simply providing an excellent chemical service does not truly fulfil all of their requirements, is not enough to satisfy their demands, or maximise their business potential. We have discovered that there is a need for an Active participant in all aspects of car wash delivery, not just the chemicals used

Thus we offer anything that can enhance the car wash experience and make it more rewarding for both the consumer and the operator.

We aim to be the most Active participants in the car wash industry in developing each car wash operators business. If you are a disgruntled or disappointed car wash operator, looking to revitalise your business and sell more and higher value washes, thus making bigger profits,  get in touch.

We are more than happy to offer advice and to answer any questions you may have regarding how to improve your car wash facility and the profitability of your car wash. So act now using either the contacts page or our contact details.

Check out the videos of our products being used both in the UK and Worldwide on the individual product pages to see how easy it is to make your or your customer's car look fantastic without breaking a sweat, or breaking the bank.

New retailers and distributors in the UK are always welcome so if you would like to join the happy and growing band of Active enthusiasts use our contact page or email us and we'll get the ball rolling. In a similar vein if you are a self employed car wash engineer let us know as we may already have work for you within our customer base.

We look forward to working with you.


Please note that the on line shop is not operational and therefore you should contact us direct to make a purchase either by email on tonyd@activecws.com or by phone  07908 261372.

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